Santos Borré and Quintero, figures in the victory of River Plate on Rosario


The forward scored in the 2-0 win and gave an assist, while the two goal plays passed by the feet of the left-handed midfielder.

Borré completed four goals in the Superliga. River Plate
It seemed like a closed, tight meeting, with a lot of strength and little football. Until the 73rd minute arrived, when Marcelo Gallardo send to Juan Fernando Quintero to the court and River Plate changed, and a lot. The team of the crossed band was more vertical, more organized in the midfield and had the touch of surprise that always gives the Colombian midfielder. But not everything remained in positive adjectives, because of the Antioquia born the two goals with which the team of the crossed gang beat Rosario Central.
The first of his compatriot Rafael Santos Borré, after a pass from Lucas Pratto and the second of the assistants who changed roles with the former Deportivo Cali to put the final 2-0. And what gives more value to everything is that Borré also started at the bank (he entered the 64 ‘for Ignacio Scocco), that is to say, that Gallardo saw in the Colombians the solution to the entanglement.
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Madness in the Monumental Stadium of Buenos Aires, applause for Quintero, Santos Borré and Pratto, hugs of Gallardo in the line and again another impeccable performance of Franco Armani, who answered when he was demanded by the front of the Canalla picture to send a message to Jorge Sampaoli, DT of the Argentina national team.

#Go River ️️ Postcards of victory in the Monumental! – River Plate (@CARPoficial) April 15, 2018

#Go River ️️ End of the game at the Monumental. ️ #River 2 (Borré, Pratto) – Central 0 Admonished: Scocco, Zuculini (RIV); Pereyra, Cabezas, Zampedri, Lioi, Lopez Pissano (CEN) – River Plate (@CARPoficial) April 15, 2018


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