Santrinos Raphaël: the singer accused of having slept with the girlfriend of his …

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The information of these last hours, which is controversial on the Togo side, is, without a doubt, the scandal in which Santrinos Raphaël is entangled. The Togolese singer is accused by his best friend and colleague, Bobino Beats, of having slept with his girlfriend.

Santrinos Raphaël and Bobino Beats, outside the music scene, are known to everyone as best friends. But, for a few hours, information, which has spread on social networks, like wildfire, could, if true, undermine this long-standing relationship.

the investigator's guide
the investigator’s guide

Indeed, it would seem that Santrinos Raphaël had sex with Bobino’s girlfriend. This is at least what emerges from an unpacking, of which the latter is the author. At the turn of these revelations, Bobino allegedly claimed that his best friend slept with his girlfriend on his birthday.

True or false ?

According to the information, the accuser took time before reacting, wanting to collect the maximum of evidence, in order to confuse the individual, who, according to him, would have stolen the privacy of his girlfriend. According to his own words, Bobino went to see Santrinos, in order to make him spit the truth. The latter, he continues, would have denied in block.

Bobino, being convinced that Santrinos was lying to him, since the latter did not recognize the facts, a rififi settled between the two Togolese artists. This is how the case flooded the web. As expected, internet users got involved in the controversy, amplifying it further.

While Santrinos Raphaël is already dragging behind him another woman’s affair, in which it was said that the singer would have pregnant a girl, in Dagué, a suburb in the east of Lomé, this new controversy does not risk t it not extend in length?

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Need we remind you, Santrinos Raphaël did a collaboration with Zeynab, the Beninese singer, and the work gave the hit title “Waa”.