Sanyo and Tapia give a ‘master class’ on a slow track

Roger Federer is on grass what Rafael Nadal is on clay and Novak Djokovic on hard courts: legends of the sport who have been known for sharpening their dominance on each of the surfaces. This trend already installed in tennis begins to repeat itself more frequently in paddle tennis: Daniel ‘Sanyo’ Gutiérrez is the lord and master of slow courts.

In Copenhagen he gave a clinic of this virtue again. He did it together with Agustín Tapia who adapts better and better to what his partner (or teacher) dictates to advance to the World Padel Tour Danish Open final.

It was a resounding 6-3 and 6-2 against Federico Chingotto and Juan Tello in a duel that was fully Argentine but that had a (also) decisive factor: the Cordoban backhand showed some discomfort in his right shoulder, which limited him to not being able to release his powerful smash 100% and he even had to ask for a physio at the start of the second set. This Sunday they will define the title against Maxi Sánchez and Luciano Capra.

But back to the ‘hint’ factor. There is no doubt that the conditions affect and have repercussions on the game of each couple: just as planes like Ale Galán and Juan Lebrón will benefit from the heat -the ball flies faster so the aerial game will have more preponderance-, other strategists like Gutiérrez feels good in the cold. The thing is the definition by power loses strength and it all boils down to having to make low flights to win the point, a specialty in which few surpass Sanyo.

It is that in the slow rhythm is where the variant of blows of the puntano is best appreciated but it only represents 50% of the couple. That is why Gutiérrez’s words to recognize his ‘partner Tapia, who added to his enormous power a competitive ferocity and an elasticity to defend his corner that make him a more complete player every time. “I always say it: it’s not so much credit that he plays well in these conditions. That’s why I highlight how Agus adapts to another type of game without lowering his level,” Sanyo said post-match.