Sapura Disaster – Mobile

Thursday, 12 May 2022 – 07:08 WIB

Dahlan Iskan (Disway). Photo: Ricardo/ – “So debate?”

“So,” replied Datuk Anwar Ibrahim.

You already know: I met him two days ago. Chat for almost an hour. In his private office in PJ – a well-known name for Petaling Jaya.

The office is a residence. Big house. Two floors. There is a circular open space downstairs. With the sofa all around. There is another large open space. With 20 ”office” seats.

There is a big staircase going up to the top floor. Glorious curved staircase.

I arrived at the house 30 minutes early. I waited on the semicircular sofa. There are two main chairs in the middle. One for him, one for me. I thought I would be welcome there.

Turns out he invited me to move to the front. To a simpler chair.

Anwar’s appearance is still the same as before: very simple. With an old shirt. Long sleeve. The bottom is not tucked into the pants.