Sarah Lombardi: Pietro confesses his love so sweetly


Sarah Lombardi starts with her new single.
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singer Sarah Lombardi (25) hopes that the public will give an unbiased assessment of their music. “You should not forget the private, that’s part of me, that’s what I stand for,” she said in an interview. “But you should leave a certain part of it behind, close your eyes and listen to me and listen to my music.” She had taken a lot of time to “really come down once” to think about where she wanted to go. “That’s why I think that this time has done me a great deal,” said Lombardi.
Sarah Lombardi with a new look and new single “Right here”
Her appearance has changed the 25-year-old – She has cut her hair by 30 centimeters. It also has something to do with emotionally leaving something behind. The singer and her husband Pietro had announced their separation in autumn 2016. Photos had been circulated on the internet, who should show the 25-year-old with another man , Their new single “Exactly Here” has been on the market since Friday, and in the meantime even # 1 on the iTunes charts.

Pietro and Alessio Lombardi send Sarah a heart
In any case, Sarah Lombardi has two very special fans behind her: Ex-partner Pietro and son Alessio are very big fans of Sarah’s new single – and they show it in a short clip on Instagram. To melt away. “YOUR LITTLE LOVES YOU ABOUT EVERYTHING” is Pietro’s comment on the Instagram video in which Pietro and Alessio sing Mama’s new song. There is also a heart-emoji on top.

VIDEO: Sweet declaration of love on Instagram

This is how Sarah Lombardi reacts to the love message on Instagram
There are not only tears of emotion with the fans. Also Sarah Lombardi shares the video on Instagram and shows deeply moved and emotionally whether this proof of love. “My little lion, Mama loves you too,” says a delighted Sarah Lombardi in a first reaction. Since two understand each other but now really good. Alessio will certainly be happy that mom and dad get on so well together.
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