Sarcelles: 800 back-to-school kits distributed free of charge to families

Kits, notebooks, pens… Mountains of school supplies were distributed on Saturday afternoon at Kennedy Park, in Sarcelles. Hundreds of children were able to equip themselves free of charge for the start of the school year. It is a new association, hitherto unknown to the battalion, which is at the origin of this large-scale operation.

“We are so happy, everyone was smiling! welcomes Selma Basbug, the secretary of Solidarity and Unity. The small structure was born last year, in the Flanades and MJC district, created by Balla Diarra, a former resident of the city now 37 years old. With a group of relatives, he wanted to give children a boost by taking action for academic success.

8000 euros collected

A first distribution of 200 kits took place in September 2021. “There were many more families than kits available, says Selma. We were happy with the success but at the same time we were heartbroken at not being able to give to everyone. We saw that the inhabitants were in trouble. »

As the prices of supplies continued to rise, the association decided to step up its action. As early as January, its members began approaching companies to collect donations in the form of stationery and financial participation. About €8,000 was raised in this way. A team of fifty volunteers then got down to organizing a distribution, printing more than 2,500 flyers.

“The rappers Rohff and Ninho or the footballer Riyad Mahrez relayed our initiative on the networks”, enthuse the members of the group. The call was heard. “Half an hour before the start of the distribution, there were already a lot of people waiting! »

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Solidarity and Unity does not intend to stop there. The association has already raised funds to support orphanages in Mali and Tanzania over the past year. But it also and above all wants to continue to develop in Sarcelles by working for education. “We hope that this large distribution will open doors for us and encourage other partners to join us,” Selma breathes.