Sarcelles, a city where it is impossible to park?

To park in Sarcelles, you have to keep turning for long minutes. Then resolve to park where it is not authorized, even inconvenient: sidewalks, roads, around roundabouts… And the inhabitants suffer from it. ” We do not have a choice ! exclaims Leyla, 27, who has just parked on the left side of a back alley, near avenue du 8-Mai-1945. “Whether it’s here, or in front of my house, it’s very complicated. “Near her home, near the RER station of Garges-Sarcelles, there is a car park, but it is taken by storm. “We call it the Bronx parking lot,” she quips. People park there on the cob. We are quickly blocked, there are carcasses taking up places, it’s nonsense… ”

Souleymane, 37, double-parked near Les Flanades. “I’m in a forbidden place but I stay in the car, I’m waiting for people,” he explains. Before getting to the level of this “Inconvenient parking” sign, Souleymane “went up the street, then went around, but no place”. Near his home, avenue Pierre-Koenig it’s “as much a hassle”, he believes. “Beyond 7 p.m., you can’t find it. The wild mechanics and the cars that have been parked there for a long time… All of that puts us at a disadvantage. »

The city cannot build a parking lot

“It’s also very complicated for people with disabilities like me, plague Robert, a 78-year-old motorist in a wheelchair. The town hall does nothing for me. Valérie, crossed at the bottom of avenue Paul-Valéry, believes that we can park in Sarcelles. “But you have to accept to walk a little,” continues the 49-year-old woman. People don’t want to make an effort. »

Regularly questioned on this subject, the mayor (PCF) Annie Péronnet concedes that “it is a problem” and that “the city does not have the possibility of creating car parks, we have more territory available”. But solutions exist. “There are parking spaces in Sarcelles,” she insists. We have underground car parks, but which belong to co-owners and in which work would have to be done. However, people do not have the means. “For now, the city remains mobilized as it has been for several years on wrecked cars, which block places. Between 1,200 and 1,700 cars are removed each year.