Šárka Rezková and one unfulfilled promise: DOMINIQUE, YOU’re a COWARD!

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For the first time after koronakrizi stood on the stage and wanted to take her to Dominica, that in her four months to live, saw it in action. Gottová after moving away from the Šárka and her family claimed, inter alia, that Rezková he has no business and has financial worries, due to which it had the singer ask to borrow 100 thousand crowns. “She didn’t, because he’s a wimp! She doesn’t want to know the truth and she’s mine,“ declared the performer of the hit Blueberry. “A little I given, whether to appear, but then I gave up and concentrated on singing,“ she added. Dominic Thursday night ended in nine hours at work, so would the concert still didn’t get it, but says: “I don’t Want to about Šárka solve anything!”

Dominic Gottová: Of the dead stepfather, lonely mom even war with Rezkovou.

Handsome Dominic
Of the three sons Rezkové arrived in prague a bar just two. The oldest Otto (28) and Dominic (16), which had Šárka with musician George Brabcem (†63). “My mom sang great. And like she said, I took after my dad a lot of on the women, so that made me smile. Currently I don’t have any,“ laughed Dominik.

Come and Boura
In the audience among other things discovered the presenter and friend Rezkové chris hansen (56), in whose talk show was close to the ground a week ago. It was during her exhvězda Nova put on the mask with the face of Dominica Gottové and pour a stiff drink, which the singer didn’t expect and – as audience – to boisterously laugh.

Šárka Rezková of Dominica Gottové: I Regret that we helped her!



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