POLITICS – Former President Nicolas Sarkozy has granted a long interview to Point. The opportunity for the politician to give his opinion on Emmanuel Macron, on Europe or on his vision of power.

Since the election of Emmanuel Macron, Nicolas Sarkozy remained discreet. Occupied by his busy judicial agenda, the former president comes out of his silence on Wednesday in a long interview with the weekly Point. Twelve pages in which he talks about Donald Trump, Brexit or the Western democratic model. He also claims to have "no regret" for his past presidential term.

Emmanuel Macron, "Let's give him time"

Asked about Emmanuel Macron's policy, the former president explains that he does not want to criticize his action. "In terms of criticism it seems served," he says to reporters point, before adding wish "the best for our country".

"I am no longer in the political fight, I know how difficult it is to meet all the expectations of an election, so I will refrain from criticizing it, and I observe that in terms of criticism it seems served … And it's so easy to destroy, let's give it time, the French will express themselves in the next elections ".Nicolas Sarkozy

"Western democratic model reaches its limits"

However, if he avoids any personal criticism on the current occupant of the Elysee Palace, Nicolas Sarkozy is much more severe on "Western democratic model", which, according to him "today brutally touches its limits, because it is becoming synonymous with helplessness.In the current operation, it is more "democratic" to prevent doing than to do ".

To support his remarks, he quotes the project of Greater Paris, but also Notre-Dame-des-Landes. "The project of Grand Paris is lost in endless debates and it takes us forty years not to make a regional airport in Nantes".

In fact, these changes may be misunderstood by Europeans. "This mutation is intuitively experienced by the European peoples as a downgrade, they feel that Western civilization, which was the almost unique and exemplary model, is no longer quite."

"The divorce with the United Kingdom is avoidable"

Also, the former president advocates "a new treaty" to "profoundly change the rules of the game" of the European Union, and prevent the "divorce" from the United Kingdom that it deems "avoidable".

We are losing the second largest economy in Europe, the United Kingdom, and we are only interested in one thing: the conditions of divorce, without asking whether this divorce is avoidable. But I am convinced that he is.Nicolas Sarkozy

Before the European elections of May 2019, "one priority: put a new treaty on the table to define the Europe of the future and profoundly change the rules of the game," Judge Sarkozy, while Republicans (LR), directed by Laurent Wauquiez, must reveal their list for the ballot. He also points out that he "led the French right for a dozen years" having "managed to maintain the cohesion between the federalists, the eurosceptics, as they say, and the sovereignists". For him, a new European treaty would make it possible for the British to stay within the Europe of tomorrow, with fewer but more legible skills.

This new Europe, "its priority must be the implementation of the single market and a dozen major policies such as agriculture, industry, competition, trade or research. (…) All the rest without exception must be referred to the jurisdiction of the States ".

Pro-European convinced, he fits on this point, the speech of Emmanuel Macron. "We saw it with the crisis of 2008: it was Europe that showed the way to the world when it was necessary to imagine a coordinated response," adds Nicolas Sarkozy.

Viktor Orban is not "a far right leader"

As for Viktor Orban, "he won the elections three times, nobody said that they were rigged", defends Nicolas Sarkozy. "To make Viktor Orban a dictator and a leader of the far right does not correspond to reality".

Hungary, where the sovereignty Prime Minister Viktor Orban was re-elected in April, has been illustrated since 2015 by its hostile policy to welcome extra-European migrants, the homeless, or the world of culture. Often radical positions that exposed him to criticism from his European partners.

Donald Trump "runs the United States without principle"

Clement with the Hungarian leader, Nicolas Sarkozy is much less with the American president. He accuses Donald Trump of managing "the United States without principle, without doctrine, without limit, without memory". He denounces a lack of coherence in his political decisions. "What is the consistency when the President of the United States explains that he does not want the Iranian nuclear treaty, because it does not contain enough guarantees (…) and that same president signs with Kim Jong- a document recto-verso that brings, for once, no guarantee? "

Another problem for the former French president, these arbitrations can sometimes be dangerous "The decision of Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state is inappropriate, because this conflict was going to its appeasement

Power, "a parenthesis that we do not own"

As for his personal journey, he says he does not regret anything. However, he warns against a "dangerous" power, it can become a drug, a little experience does not harm the dangers that emanations of power can generate, "advises the former president (2007-2012). He admits to having "made mistakes, there are things I would do differently, but I have no bitterness, no regret," he says.

Want to come back to power? "I knew from the beginning that power was a parenthesis that we do not own," says Sarkozy, ensuring not to "need the power to live." Defeated by François Hollande in 2012, Nicolas Sarkozy returned to politics in 2014, running for the presidency of the UMP renamed Les Républicains, before failing in 2016 in the first round of the primary right against François Fillon and Alain Juppé.

This river interview comes a few days after the confirmation by the Paris Court of Appeal of its referral to a court for the financial slippages of its 2012 campaign in the so-called "Bygmalion" case. His lawyer will appeal on points of law. Sarkozy is also implicated in other cases: he is indicted since March 2018 for "passive bribery, illegal financing of election campaign and concealment of Libyan public funds" as part of the 2007 presidential campaign.



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