Sarolta Zalatnay came out with a new hit

Zalatnay Sarolta ’74’s big hit, the I’m still waiting for you number DR BRS covered it, which was already presented to a small audience on Wednesday, but the full song will debut next week.

Sarolta Zalatnay (Photo: Little Red Riding Hood)

Cini recently started several new things, for example, she registered on Instagram, where she gained thousands of followers in a few days. There was a period in the singer’s life when she thought about passing away. But now the Glancenek that he gained new strength from this joint production and hopes that it will stay that way.

“I’m happy that I’m still alive and singing, because it’s okay that great songs by great singers are sung by the younger generation, and well. But they really like the original. A lot of people ask me what is “passing away”? You can’t do anything about it. At this age, you say yes, I lived x years, of course I want more. That’s why it gave me a boost. I got a boost and I hope it lasts for a while. I’ve had a good life, damn it, and some more” the singer declared.