Sars-Cov-2 pandemic. Black forecasts work well in poor countries

In the worst countries, especially those in armed conflict, the worst virus forecasts come true. The development of a pandemic is gaining momentum in Africa, South America, India and Pakistan – informs the Associated Press on Monday (June 29), citing the opinions of specialists.

Experts have been warning for months that a virus that has overwhelmed the health care systems of even wealthy countries will engulf entire populations when it begins to spread in poor countries, “recalls AP.

In the south of Yemen, which is at war, medical workers are massively abandoning their duties due to a lack of protective measures, and some hospitals no longer accept even COVID-19 patients who have severe breathing problems. Huti fighters, who fight there with a coalition of Arab countries led by Riyadh, hide data about the epidemic.

In Sudan, Darfur, also in conflict, there are very few tests, while COVID-19-like disease is rapidly developing in displacement camps.

Infections are rising in India and Pakistan, where a total of 1.5 billion people live, and the authorities have had to lift quarantines and restrictions that threatened famine.

In Brazil, the balance of fatalities is second in the world, after the US. Meanwhile, President Jair Bolsonaro has consistently refused to take steps to limit the epidemic. Infections are increasing in Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Panama.

In South Africa, which is the most developed economy on the African continent, more than a third of all coronavirus cases have been diagnosed in Africa. Hospitals are overloaded, and the healthcare system – considered the best on the continent – is nearing collapse.

On Thursday, African Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that the development of a pandemic on the continent “is accelerating very fast”, and in Africa, which has 1.3 billion inhabitants, only 4 million tests have been performed and probably the actual numbers of infections and virus deaths are much higher .

Humanitarian and aid organizations have serious difficulties in providing assistance, not only is there a lack of protective equipment, but the one that is available is much more expensive than normal – sometimes three times. The transport of medical equipment is very difficult due to restrictions on international flights – the organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said.

Worldwide, the number of people infected with coronavirus reaches almost 10 million; only on Sunday more than 189 thousand were diagnosed new cases, and the number of fatalities is close to 496 thousand – reported the World Healthy Organization.

However, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore, over 500,000 have already died on COVID-19 worldwide. people, and 10 million have been infected. The United States accounts for a quarter of deaths – over 125,000. – and a quarter of infections – over 2.5 million.

In Brazil, which is the country most affected by the pandemic after the United States, 57.6 thousand officially died. people, and the number of infected exceeded 1.34 million. In protest against Bolsonaro’s conduct, activists placed a thousand white crosses in front of Congressional headquarters on Sunday.

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