Sarun Bart’s film about Lithuanian forest brothers will start screening in Latvia

Saruna Bart’s film In the twilight designed as a film studio Mistrus Media co-production with Lithuania, France, Portugal and the Czech Republic. The film’s story covers the events of the end of the Second World War and the struggle for the Soviet occupation of post-war Lithuania. In April 2020, the film was included in the official program of the Cannes International Film Festival and the San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Šarūns Barts is one of the most internationally known Lithuanian film directors, a laureate of the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Award and a multiple recipient of the Lithuanian Film Industry Award. Silver Crane / Silver Crane the winner. The director’s films have previously premiered in an independent program at the Cannes Film Festival. Directors’ Fortnight: 2017 movie Saltums / Frost, In 2015 – Peace to Us in Our Dreams, In 2005 – Seven Invisible Men. And movies The House In 1997 and Some of Us / Few of Us In 1996 they were included in the Cannes program In some perspective.

Šarūna Bart’s latest film in the Twilight is a co-production of five countries: a Lithuanian studio that collaborated in its production cinema, Latvian studio Mistrus Media, Portuguese Tetrafilms, Czech Republic Sirenafilms and Serbia Biberche, the co – production of the film has been supported by the National Film Center and the Council of Europe Foundation Eurimages.

Producer Gints Grūbe: “I am very pleased to have our co – produced film In the twilight has been highly regarded internationally and, despite the special circumstances, has been included in both the Cannes and San Sebastian film festival programs, and this week is screened at the Riga International Film Festival. It should be especially noted that a team of Latvian artists – film artists Jurģis Krāsons, Jānis Kalniņš and Aivars Žukovskis – had a special merit in the realistic creation of the film’s historical environment. Kristaps Kalsers, Jānis Bijubens, Rihards Bērziņš, Andris Komarovs, Jurģis Šeibaks, Romāns Dzjubenko, Sabīne Strauberga, Annika Vīķe and Olivers Sprincis worked in their team. “

movies In the twilight tells about the post-war events in Lithuania in the first years of the Soviet occupation regime and the resistance movement of the Forest Brothers. The film takes place in 1948, when the war ended, but Lithuania was turned into ruins. Nineteen-year-old Unte is one of the national partisans opposed to the Soviet occupation. The balance of power is unequal, but the future of the whole nation will be decided in this desperate struggle. At a time when young people are usually beginning to experience life, Unte is experiencing violence and betrayal. The line between where his youthful fervor ends and the purpose of the struggle begins is blurred, he surrenders himself to everything, even though it means losing the innocence of his youth.

“The film depicts one of the most tragic and complicated events in the history of the Baltic States – the period after the Second World War, when the occupation regime of the USSR continued in the Baltic States. The film contains very realistic cases that could have happened not only in Lithuania, but also in any parish of Latvia, “it is about the film. In the twilight says historian and rector of Vidzeme University College Gatis Krūmiņš.

The screening of the film at the Riga International Film Festival will be the premiere of the film in Latvia. Upcoming screenings are scheduled for October 19, 20, 21 and 22 at the cinema K. Suns and on October 21 in Vidzeme Concert Hall, while in November it will be shown in cinemas Splendid Palace“It is planned to show the film in Roja, Cesvaine, Zaļenieki, Madliena culture houses, but in November – in Daugmale, Baloži, Penkule, Lēdmane, Dole and Ādaži culture houses.

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