Sasha is rejoicing, Olya is grieving … Black will take Buzova’s place in “House-2” !?

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The most scandalous participant in the television program even “burned” the approximate date.

Show “Dom-2” is in great demand among viewers. In particular, this is due to the fact that each new release is not like the other. The leaders and participants of the show try to surprise their fans, so they accomplish something that many could not even think of. This happened earlier with Olga Buzova, who instantly from a “subordinate”, turned into a “commander.” For many years, the singer has been telecasting, but it seems that this will end soon.

Recently it became known one detail from the life of the participants, or rather about Sasha Cherno. The girl has been on the project for many years and managed to not only get married, but also become pregnant. Many fans began to think that Cherno would soon leave the project, because she had achieved everything she wanted and even almost got even with credit. However, it seems that Sasha thinks quite the opposite and has already managed to extend the contract with the TV set for 5 years.

This is indicated by the fact that Cherno openly declares his intention to win housing in the competition, and if this does not happen, he will buy a house on a mortgage. Sasha probably already knows for sure that for the next 5 years she is provided with work and a stable income. But only on the contract the business may not end. A similar situation occurred with Buzova. When Olga ended the contract, she was offered a leading position.

It is possible that this will happen with Cherno and she will take Buzova’s place in “House-2”. Of course, if this happens, then everything will take place not earlier than in 5 years. Perhaps during this period of time, much will change and Cherno will leave the project on his own. However, the only thing that can be said with certainty is that if this happens, Sasha will rejoice, but Olga will grieve.

Of course, we should not exclude that in fact the situation will unfold in a completely different direction. Perhaps the leadership of “House-2” has already found the one who will replace Buzova, but this is not Sasha Cherno.



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