Sassari, local police anti-covid controls: various penalties

The owners of two bars sanctioned. An illegal nightclub was discovered and a party with a hundred university students blocked

SASSARI. Sassari strengthens the defenses against the spread of the coronavirus. Over the weekend, the local police intensified checks in the city premises: in over seventy exercises the officers made sure that the rules were respected and in particular those against the pandemic. Sassari has also recorded a drastic increase in infections in recent days: today there are 79 positive residents in the city, with 26 more cases than on Friday, and seven hospitalized; only a week ago the positives were 34 and 4 were hospitalized.

Many businesses that once again showed attention to the rules and respect for the community, but the agents also had to record some violations, from viale Italia to viale Trieste, from via Volontè to piazza Caduti del Lavoro, up to Li Punti. The sanctions were all imposed following reports for non-compliance with the rules – a symptom of a sensitivity and general attention against the coronavirus which in Sassari are still very high – arrived at the Command in via Carlo Felice by the same citizens and by some associations of category. Among the violations found, the lack of green pass control and a higher number of customers than expected for the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

Precisely for the violation of the anti-Covid rules, between Friday morning and Saturday the owners of a well-known pastry shop and a bar, who did not control the green pass to customers, and two places for abusive parties and gatherings were sanctioned. Even a bar in the outskirts of the city, already subjected to preventive seizure by the judicial authorities, has worsened its condition because it was still open during the imposed closing hours and now the owner will incur further criminal consequences.

In the city, the trade union ordinance provides for those who do not respect the anti-Covid rules, in addition to the sanctions imposed at the national level, also the closure of the premises already from the first violation. Among the most worrying situations, a bar, where the local police intervened upon notification and found a university party with a hundred young people, between indoor and outdoor spaces, who consumed standing, without keeping their distance and obviously without a mask. A much higher number of customers than indicated for the containment of the spread of Covid from the same bar outside, as required by the trade union ordinance signed last week. The agents immediately stopped the party and sanctioned the owner who did not respect the limits imposed by the emergency legislation connected to the containment of the pandemic spread. Now he risks a penalty of between 400 and one thousand euros.

Even worse was the picture that the local police found, on the advice of numerous citizens of the area who could not rest due to the loud noise, in an illegal nightclub. The agents discovered an abusive private party, without any authorization, with group dances, music beyond one and a half in the morning (with the legislation requiring the stop at midnight) and without the acoustic impact report required by law. A hundred people standing who did not respect the anti-Covid rules. Now the owner of the restaurant risks serious criminal consequences for the lack of authorizations and for the violations of the anti-Covid rules, in addition to the administrative fine.

“The controls will be tightened more and more for the safety of all citizens – commented the mayor Nanni Campus -. The Administration is particularly attentive to the absolute respect of the rules for the protection of health in public places and in the activities and establishments open to the public. There will be no tolerance and the control meshes will be even tighter. The risk of incurring new restrictions is very high and I will do everything to protect the health of the community, the economy and those activities that are respecting the rules with great attention and I do not want them to pay for the violations of a few ».