Sassuolo beats Juventus at minute 95 and celebrates like Cristiano

Juventus he cannot get out of his sporting crisis. The team of Massimiliano Allegri I lost 2-1 against him Sassuolo for the first time in its history as a local, so the triumph of the green and black reaches the title of historical.

Frattesi opened the scoring at minute 44. McKennie tied at minute 78, but everything exploded at minute 95, in the last ball of the game. Maxime Lopez he escaped alone and scored a great goal when he hit the Juventine goalkeeper and sentenced the game.

However, the highlight is that to make the party complete, Lopez He went to the corner kick to celebrate it like Cristiano Ronaldo and doing the traditional Portuguese cry. For the Juventus, this crisis is paid in the classification: it is 13 points behind the leader, Milan.

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