SAT.1- “Breakfast TV” star Vanessa Blumhagen: without make-up and in a bikini

If there is a woman who has understood exactly how to charm fans and viewers, then it is “Breakfast TV” star Vanessa Blumhagen (43). As a society expert, she analyzes the life of the rich and beautiful every morning for Sat.1. But privately, she is in no way inferior to the who’s who of the celebrity world – at least when it comes to her wardrobe and the beauty factor. Occasionally she shows herself in a sexy, transparent outfit and perfectly made up. Without any make-up, Vanessa Blumhagen impresses with a natural look that highlights her radiant eyes. At the same time, her outfit lets you look deeply, because the tight bikini that Vanessa wears on her snapshot is cut out pretty wide!

Do you want to take a look? Above in the video we show you Vanessa Blumhagen – completely natural and without make-up!

“Breakfast TV” star Vanessa Blumhagen and “Playboy”

Under her latest bikini posting, an enthusiastic fan wrote: “Soon in Playboy?” and thus alludes to the fact that the attractive presenter could easily be photographed for the men’s magazine. Who knows, maybe this suggestion has been brought to Vanessa Blumhagen before. However, she obviously doesn’t need a “playboy” to skillfully stage her charms. She proved this in the past not only with several outfits that emphasized her bra rather than hiding it, but also with a snapshot that could almost pass as a private “Playboy” test shoot. Here Vanessa Blumhagen showed herself almost completely without a shell!

Only an emoji is blocking the view! In the video below we show you Vanessa Blumhagen topless at the pool.

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