Sat1 breakfast television: Vanessa Blumhagen is in the bra in bed

Vanessa Blumhagen, here on an Instagram selfie from February 17, enchanted her fans in lingerie.

With a revealing photo, celebrity expert Vanessa Blumhagen enchants the Sat.1 “breakfast television” fans.

This is how you can enjoy the end of the day! In her latest Instagram post, Sat.1 “breakfast television” favorite Vanessa Blumhagen (44) drops one or the other cover. In the eye-catching bra, she really makes her fans rave.

Vanessa Blumhagen regularly provides her around 202,000 Instagram followers (as of May 2022) with exciting insights into her everyday life – including one or the other revealing outfit. With her end-of-work greeting from bed, she turned her followers’ heads again.

Sat.1-“Breakfast TV”: Vanessa Blumhagen enchants fans in the bra

Vanessa Blumhagen smiles mischievously at the camera. As the successful brunette snuggles into her bed for a relaxing evening, she wears nothing but a bra and some cozy jogging bottoms. The Sat.1 expert perfectly stages the green bra with the golden details with her selfie.

“Quitting time! (…)”, the podcaster subtitled the snapshot and at the same time linked a few outfit details for her fans. They are completely enraptured by the intimate insight. In the comments on the post, her fans shower Vanessa with heart emojis and compliments.

“Wow, gorgeous. I’m sure some 25-year-olds are jealous,” a fan flatters her under the post. Two others can only agree: “You are as beautiful as ever, sunshine – just to fall in love with”, and “wow….breathtaking!”

The comments speak for themselves! With the after-work photo including a hot bra, Vanessa Blumhagen has hit the mark with her numerous fans. (jxr)