Saturday 022 Bundesliga Dortmund VS Bochum Saturday 048 Serie A Atalanta VS Naples_Position_Away_Match

Original title: Saturday 022 Bundesliga Dortmund VS Bochum Saturday 048 Serie A Atalanta VS Naples

Dortmund’s home record is stable. In midweek, the Champions League away game drew the underdogs, and they have mainly qualified. The past game is away again, which has no impact on morale. Bochum is a really weak team. This season, their combat power has shown a downward trend. So far, they have lost all 6 away games, scored 4 goals and lost 19 goals. It is difficult to avoid relegation at this level.

A slightly lower position in the midline allows 1.75 goals, Macau has dropped to a low 0.82, and with such a deep ball, it is meaningless to win, draw or lose. The position and direction of the compensation are the judging factors. True, just winning half may not be small.

The big and small 3.25 balls pay low, there is pressure to lose half and the low 0.85, the chance of big balls is higher, 4-0, 4-1.

Game time: 2022-11-05 23:00

Swansea has made significant progress this season, currently ranking 8th, with 5 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses at home, and both strength and state have an obvious upper hand. As a newly-promoted team, Wigan are deeply in the relegation zone. They have suffered a 5-game losing streak recently, and their offensive ability has declined significantly. The only bright spot is that Wigan’s overall record on the road is not bad, and their offensive and defensive performance is more balanced.

The mid-line range is basically the same, with 0.50 goals. There is no feature in the combination of wins, draws and losses. The big market is going in a strong direction, and the adjustment range is weak. Balanced handicap data does not involve the issue of half winning and half winning, and compensation is more critical, and the mid-to-low range can generally be optimistic.

The mid-to-low range of 2.25 balls in size, Macau rose 2.5 balls without fundamental support, and the small balls were 1-0 and 2-0.

Lottery recommendation: main win

Saturday 040 FA Cup Grimsby v Plymouth

Game time: 2022-11-05 23:00

The home team is 13th in League Two and the away team is No. 1 in League One. The difference in strength is obvious. The high position in the away game is 0.50 goals. Obviously, the compensation position is not good. If you win, you can play the most comfortable position around 1.00, which is too difficult. The position of the draw is too high, which is unfavorable for the 0.50 goal of the guest handicap, which reduces the pressure of the draw, and the guest win is more likely to be optimistic, and it also comes with a high 1.00 compensation, which is obviously unreasonable.

The size of 2.75 balls is in the middle and high range. There are too many big balls in Plymouth, and the high compensation is not good for the big, 1-1, 1-0.

Lottery recommendation: let the ball win

Saturday 048 Serie A Atalanta vs Naples

Game time: 2022-11-06 01:00

Naples relied on a wave of winning streaks to firmly secure the top position, currently leading the second place Atlanta by 5 points, and lost to Liverpool in the Champions League away in midweek, because they have already locked out of the qualifying, meaningless friendly match. Atlanta’s strength has not improved. This season is mainly due to the lack of European competition. It is easier to fight on a single line. In the face of teams that are not as strong as their own, they have almost never missed a match. In the face of the upper-level teams, it is also a mixed victory and defeat. Naturally, there will be better record.

Last season, Atlanta had a home handicap of 0.25. In this game, the home handicap was 0.50. Although there is a gap now, the guest handicap of 0.50 is still absurd. Tendency, on the contrary, the initial 0.50 ball is more real, and the 0.25 ball is only adjusted according to the situation. The simple promotion of the guest wins and the main victory is generally a pit.

The size of the 2.75 ball is slightly lower in the center line. Naples has too many big balls, full of firepower, continuous two-line battle, and such a comfortable position, it is difficult to play a big ball, 0-1, 0-2.

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Saturday 051 La Liga Celta Vigo vs Osasuna

Game time: 2022-11-06 01:30

Celta are only 1 point ahead of the relegation zone, and the pressure to avoid relegation is huge. Recently, they have been in a sluggish state with 1 draw and 4 losses. Osasuna is a mid-level team with a significantly better record, and has performed well recently with 2 wins and 1 draw.

The difference in fundamentals is obvious. The main handicap is 0.25 balls, and the compensation is low around 0.80. The home team handicap the ball is obviously stronger. In turn, considering the high position transfer of the visiting team, there is basically no room to win half, and the visiting team is even more disadvantaged. At the same time, Macau’s main victory was 2.06, and the handicap compensation did not increase, and it was still at a low level of 0.80, which means that the combination of letting the ball became stronger.

With a high of 2.25 goals in size, Osasuna’s away style of play is too conservative, scoring and conceding less than 1 goal per game, and can only believe in 1-0 with small balls.

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