Saturn’s moon could hide an ocean buried under nearly 20 miles of ice

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Cairo – Samia Sayed – Astronomers believe that there is a hidden ocean buried deep under the surface of the thick frozen moon of Saturn “Mimas”. The diameter of Mimas, the nearest large moon of Saturn, is 246 miles, and the thickness of the ice is about 20 miles, and there are no indications of the existence of any Liquid water, when looking at the moon in images and from observations, but simulations conducted by the Southwest Research Institute in Colorado indicate the presence of liquid water under the ice cap.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, measurements taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft in 2014 indicated that there may be some water under the surface, but this has not yet been confirmed, and in the new study, the team explored the size and composition predictions of the moon. small, to determine that its internal temperature will be sufficient to allow the flow of water.

Also known as Saturn I, because it is closest to the ringed world, Mimas is slightly less than the land area of ​​Spain, and this surface bears none of the cracking, or melting evidence that astronomers and planetary scientists expect to see from a world with a hidden ocean .

“When we look at a body like Mimas, it’s a cold, dead little rock,” Alyssa Roden, the lead researcher for this new study told New Scientist.

Alyssa added, “If you put Mimas in a gallery with a bunch of other icy moons in it, you’d never look at it and say ‘Oh, that has an ocean’.”

In addition to the lack of signs of an ocean, none of the accepted theoretical models of the moon’s formation suggest that it should have an ocean, but observations made by Cassini in 2014 show that the moon wobbles as it rotates, indicating something strange is happening. under the ice.