Saubermacher, Porsche and Denzel support workshops in handling batteries from electric cars

The Austrian waste disposal company Saubermacher and the two car dealers Porsche Austria and Denzel want to support car repair shops in dealing with batteries from electric cars in the future. To this end, the three companies have founded the joint venture company Saubermacher Battery Services GmbH, for which the EU Commission gave its approval in March. “This cross-industry cooperation is unique in Europe and a clear commitment to the circular economy,” said Saubermacher founder Hans Roth today at the presentation of the cooperation in Feldkirchen near Graz.

The aim of the cooperation is to increase the spread of e-mobility with bundled know-how and new solutions, to support workshops in handling e-car batteries, to improve competitiveness and to ensure an ecological recycling economy, said Saubermacher. The three companies would thus create a sustainable overall solution for the e-car industry in Austria and Europe for the first time. Together with the Montanuniversität Leoben and TÜV Süd, they are currently working on the framework conditions for certification as a certified e-vehicle company.

The Saubermacher Battery Services GmbH is to be managed by Denzel CFO Bernhard Stark and Saubermacher Division Manager Thomas Haid and will use the infrastructure of Saubermacher until further notice. The company is based in the Saubermacher Battery Competence Center in Premstätten near Graz. The offer ranges from specific consulting services and training courses to the provision of special equipment and the organization of collection and transport as well as recycling in accordance with the law.

Special container for accident cars

The cooperation partners have developed their own quarantine container for electric cars that have been involved in an accident. If necessary, this can be made available throughout Austria within a few hours thanks to the Saubermacher network, promises Saubermacher. As a result, car workshops could save on expensive investments in structural measures, e.g. B. for quarantine places.

The sensors installed in the containers can detect a rise in temperature at an early stage and, in an emergency, a notification can be triggered. The self-contained system also ensures that the extinguishing agent used in the event of a fire and thus contaminated can be disposed of easily and safely, the disposal company explains.

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The cooperation partners see the need for a comprehensive range of advice and services for workshops as a result of the growing importance of electromobility. According to Saubermacher, around 33,400 new electric cars were registered in Austria last year. This corresponds to a share of almost 14 percent of all new registrations. And the trend is still increasing.