On Wednesday, November 4, 2018, Warda Abdul Razzaq (Al Ahsa) @rossuso organized a campaign of vaccination against seasonal influenza for its employees and auditors of the public administration. The director of public relations and media Walid bin Khalid Al Busaid said that the Secretary General of the Society, Saleh bin Abdul Mohsen Al – Abdelkader launched the campaign in the presence of the employees of the General Directorate of the Assembly and a number of employees of its centers and auditors of the public administration. Al-Busif said that the vaccination campaign aimed to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination against seasonal flu in the prevention of disease and reduce its complications, He said that at the end of the one-day immunization campaign, the Secretary-General of the Society, Engineer Saleh Al-Qader, honored the health vaccination team for their efforts in making the campaign a success. Health Affairs in Al-Ahsa Abdul Hamid bin Abdullah Al-Omair and his deputy Dr. Walid Al-Sultan for their support of the campaign and approval of its implementation at the headquarters of the General Directorate of the Society.
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Source: Okaz Newspaper


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