Saudi Arabia decrees a civic day after the victory over Argentina – International Football – Sports

The King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdelaziz, decreed that this Wednesday will be a holiday throughout the country on the occasion of “the victory of the Saudi team against the Argentine team in the World Cup,” reported the official news agency of the Arab country SPA.

The king “decreed that tomorrow, Wednesday, will be a holiday for all public and private sectors in the country, as well as for all students,” according to a court statement reproduced by SPA.

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He also added that the decision was made after the monarch accepted the suggestion of his son, the crown prince and prime minister of Saudi Arabia, Mohamed bin Salman.

invaded streets

The streets of Riyadh and other cities in the country erupted in jubilation after the victory of his team against Argentina in Leo Messi, a historical milestone that was received, at the same time, with great disbelief among the Saudis, who considered themselves without options to even compete in this duel.

The unexpected victory, which ended the Albiceleste’s streak of 36 games without losing, also marked the fourth in the history of Saudi Arabia in its participation in the World Cups. The Saudi authorities were not slow to react either.

The head of the Saudi Arabian Entertainment Authority and owner of Almería, Turki al-Sheikhannounced on Twitter that access to two recreational parks in Riyadh would be free on Tuesday to mark the occasion.

Likewise, Saudi Prince Saud bin Salmán, brother of Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohamed bin Salmán, published a photograph on social networks in which they were seen hugging and kissing each other effusively.
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