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The continuous rainfall has continued since Friday morning on Yanbu and northern centers
Yanbu, as the people went out to the wild areas to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and watching the floods.

And issued
The Meteorological and Environmental Protection Agency issued an advanced warning regarding the continuation of moderate thunderstorms
To a torrent accompanied by showers of cold and active winds of dust, and may lead to the flow of torrents
On the province of "Al-Ais".

She added
"Meteorology": The case includes the center of Nabat, Najaf, Ashish, Triangle and neighboring parts
The situation will continue until 4 am on Saturday.

Civil Defense in the Medina area citizens and residents to exercise caution and caution
As a result of weather fluctuations affecting the atmosphere of the region, and urged commitment to not go out to righteousness
Or presence in the valleys, streams and lowlands to avoid risks.

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