Saudi Arabia.. The arrest of two people who lured another and did the outrageous act

Khabarni – The Saudi authorities arrested two Saudi citizens who committed an obscenity to another person under duress in the city of Riyadh.

According to the Saudi Press Agency “SPA”, the official spokesman for the Public Prosecution stated that an arrest warrant had been issued by the competent prosecution regarding the incident of two citizens who committed an indecency against another person under duress in the city of Riyadh.

By conducting investigation procedures with the accused after their arrest, it became clear that they recognized the victim through a social media application, and that the accused had deceived him and used force and violence to rob the victim and enable them to implement their intention.

The source confirmed the issuance of an order to arrest them in preparation for completing the investigation procedures and referring them to the competent court to demand the most severe penalties prescribed in this regard.

He also stressed that such acts are considered serious crimes that require arrest and entail heavy penalties, up to murder, and that the Public Prosecution in this regard demands speedy trial and issuance of verdicts against the perpetrators.

The source affirmed that the Public Prosecution addresses all illegal behavior and everything that violates the rights of individuals or affects the peace and tranquility of society.