Saudi Arabia.. Watch “Al-Soudah” covered in white cold in the summer glow

While the various regions of Saudi Arabia live in the flames of high temperatures, the Al-Soudah Mountains in Asir – southern Saudi Arabia – enjoy moments of cold falling with rain, to amaze its visitors with this wonderful weather, and its mountains are covered in white.

Photographer “Rushoud Al-Harthy” monitored the hailstones falling yesterday, along the Al-Soudah Mountains, and other scenes of many villages in the city of Abha, in Asir, to document how the mountains in their white suit looked like a bride crowned with beauty, to publish these aerial photos and videos on the means of communication, to achieve widespread Spacious and beautiful.

the blackness

Al-Harthy told The pictures of beauty in Asir are always complete, when the temperatures drop, so that a beautiful winter atmosphere is formed, especially when it rains and waves of fog form on the tops of the mountains, which makes the Asir region a destination for visitors and tourists.

He stressed that the weather of the Soudah Mountains in Asir is different and distinct from the rest of Saudi Arabia, with its height above sea level of more than 3000 meters, and these mountains are adorned with dense juniper trees, which are one of the most important components of the picturesque natural forests, in addition to its view of the Tihama region, which makes it include Watch the wonderful views of those valleys, valleys and neighboring villages.

And he indicated that Al-Soudah records temperatures that do not exceed 15 degrees Celsius in the summer, while the temperatures in the winter are very low compared to the surrounding areas. An aesthetic for photographers, creators and writers when they sail their imagination behind its mountains.

The black...

The black…

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the blackness..

the blackness..