Saudi Crown Prince awarded highest civilian honor in Jordan | Saudi Crown Prince receives highest civilian honor in Jordan

Jeddah: Saudi Crown Prince Amir Mohammed bin Salman, who arrived in Jordan on a short visit, has been honored with the highest civilian honor in Jordan. King Abdullah II of Jordan crowned Hussein bin Ali with a civilian crown. This is in view of the depth and closeness of the distinct historical ties that have existed between the two countries over the years.

The ‘Hussein bin Ali’ necklace is one of the highest honors in Jordan. It is given to kings, princes and heads of state who have close ties to the king of Jordan. In 2017, King Salman was also honored by King Abdullah II of Jordan.

The Crown Prince arrived in Jordan from Egypt on Tuesday on a state visit abroad. The Crown Prince was received at the airport by King Abdullah II of Jordan on his arrival in Amman, Jordan. Crown Prince of Jordan Emir Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II, Saudi Ambassador to Jordan Naif bin Bandar Al-Sudairi and Jordanian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Ali al-Qaeda were also present.

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