Thursday, 19 Apr 2018

Saudi News – Al Hilal and summer .. And the end of the season next Thursday

Saudi News – Al Hilal and Summer .. and the end of the season next Thursday – by News Paris News On Tuesday, 17 April 2018 07:25 AM

News of Paris News – Al Hilal and summer .. And the end of the season next Thursday The Executive Director of the Saudi Tennis Federation, Dr. Fawaz Al-Hakmi, crowned the Al-Jil Club with the Premier League First Class Shield and the gold medals for the sports season 1438H-1439H, after beating Al Hilal in the final match held at the Institute of Leadership Development in Riyadh. Al-Hakami also handed Al-Hilal players a second place and silver medals, and Al-Salam Club players won the third place and bronze medals after beating Al-Ittihad 2-1. The award ceremony was attended by a number of referees who participated in the three stage referees, as well as the competitions and medical officials in recognition of the great efforts they made throughout the season. The Premier League (men) played in three stages this season with the participation of 12 clubs were divided into two groups qualified for the first and second of each group of scissors system and met the winners in the final of the tournament. On the other hand, the current sports season will conclude next Thursday at the 10th Saudi Open, in the presence of the President of the Saudi Federation and his deputy and members of the Board of Directors, and will be honored by many sponsors and supporters, as well as the media for their contribution to the success of the season.

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