saudi news malayalam updates, hit in the middle; Police arrested six people including three women – women were beaten up in the middle of the road

Riyadh: Saudi police arrested six natives who had beaten each other on a road in the city. Police said three of them were women. In another incident, the police arrested five Syrians who were beaten up on the road in Riyadh.

A case was registered against six natives on the basis of the circulation of a video clip related to beatings in a public place in Durma Governorate. A related video has been posted on the Snapchat account of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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Police spokesperson in Durma Governorate informed that the action was taken because of a fight in a public place and causing bodily harm to each other.
The beating occurred in connection with an earlier dispute
The police also informed that it was clear from the preliminary investigation conducted in this regard. The police also stated that after completing the legal proceedings against the arrested natives, they will be handed over to the public prosecution for trial proceedings.

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Meanwhile, the police arrested five Syrian citizens who had beaten each other on a road in the capital city of Riyadh. An argument over some issue in Syria resulted in a fight. Some were also injured in the beating that took place on the road in the city of Riyadh. They were handed over to the public prosecution for further action.

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