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Saudi News Exclusive Today Saturday, 21 April 2018 SAUDI ARABIA: The technical committee of the Saudi Football Federation will organize the Asian license course B in Riyadh, which will be held in two stages. The first phase will run from today to 30 April, while the second phase will be held from 4 May 13th. The course is being held in an effort to enhance technical training programs in order to provide the opportunity to highlight national competencies in the field of football, within the objectives of the Saudi Football Federation. The course, which is attended by national trainer Mohammed Al-Kharashi, includes a number of theoretical and practical lectures and tests in the fields of training in general and in general areas such as health, nutrition, sports law, psychology, football and sports injuries. On the other hand, the Saudi Football Association signed an agreement with a company specialized in the training of football coaches. The agreement stipulates the organization of a number of courses in the Asian C license under the supervision of the technical committee of the Saudi Football Federation. On the other hand, the Technical Committee of the Saudi Football Federation announces the start of registration in the Asian C license course which will be held in the cities of Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah from 3 to 15 May 2018. Related topics Asian Football Championship “Asian Football Championship” ends in Asian Football Championship Luma News is a news search engine and Loma News disclaims its full responsibility for the contents of the news or images, but it is the responsibility of the original publisher of the news and source. The original publisher also bears the copyright and intellectual property rights of the news. This news was automatically transmitted and not by one of the editors of the site If you have the news and you want to delete it, please refer to the original source of the news first, and then write to us to delete the news. We welcome any communication regarding the news published in the follower, because we are a neutral site and welcome all opinions.

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