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Public relations propaganda or public relations disasters are just the first line of difference! Ronghua has recently launched a new commercial featuring the animated character “McDull”, telling the warm story of his meeting and falling in love with his girlfriend. However, when a couple of lovers are steamed into a pair of sausages in the end of the commercial, it becomes “dark” The terrifying ending frightened a lot of netizens!

Two little pigs in love take a sweet walk holding hands.Video screenshot

According to the content of Ronghua’s advertisement, McDull quit working for many years to find himself. When he was “Kao”, he met true love. The two little pigs fell in love immediately. The scenes were very romantic and warm.

McDull climbed the snow mountain with his girlfriend.Video screenshot

However, when a pair of lovers lie on the snow-capped mountain holding hands and look at each other, their curled body slowly turns into a sausage in a rice cooker, which makes one wonder whether McDull and his girlfriend were frozen to death on the snow-capped mountain, and then they were pickled to make sausages.

McDull and his girlfriend were curled up on the snow-capped mountain and looked at each other.Video screenshot

The picture of a Chinese sausage at the end reminds people of whether McDull and his girlfriend were frozen to death on the snow-capped mountains and then marinated to make sausages.Video screenshot

Advertisements aroused hot discussion on the Internet. Many netizens directly called the content of the advertisement stories disturbing, and left messages on Ronghua’s Facebook page, “I am watching a horror movie, and I don’t want to eat sausages after watching.” Psychological shadow area”, “McDull said that Hong Kong people don’t belong to cured ducks, but they used to be sausages”, “It must be naturally dried. It is cruel”, “This advertisement is so scary and very disturbing”, “Imagine, kids watch After finishing the advertisement, I will eat sausages tightly, saying: “Mcdull tastes so good””, “I don’t want to eat sausages anymore. When I see the sausages, I will take the Mcdulls and be slaughtered into sausages.”

Ronghua recently launched an advertisement featuring “McDull” as the protagonist, telling the story of his love with his girlfriend, but in the end a pair of lovers turned into a steamed sausage.Video screenshot



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