save on your health insurance

Once again, health insurance premiums have taken the lift! Depending on the insurance model, age and canton, the premium increase for 2023 can easily even exceed 10%. In an already tense current economic situation (rising cost of living, electricity, etc.), it is more than ever time to save on your health insurance.

Most insured persons have the possibility of optimizing their health insurance premiums! On average, users save around CHF 1,100.- per year by comparing, applying certain tips and making the right decisions. And you?

Tips for saving on your 2023 health premium

1) Compare all 2023 health insurance premiums:

The best way to save on your health insurance is to compare! In 2 minutes, our comparison of health insurance premiums 2023 shows you the cheapest premium you can benefit from according to your needs. All official FOPH health premiums are displayed and compared in a neutral way.

Once the ideal insurance has been found, you can request an offer directly from the health insurer of your choice, free of charge and without obligation. If you are interested, you can subscribe directly online by sending the offer to the selected service provider.

Other top tips for saving on your 2023 health insurance premium include:

2) Choose the right insurance model:

Find out about alternative health insurance models in Switzerland, which offer significant discounts of up to 25%.

3) Choose the right franchise:

The choice of franchise is a step as complex as it is important. Many policyholders have a deductible that does not meet their needs! Discover our explanations for making the right choice and saving on your health insurance deductible. By opting for the right deductible, it is possible to reduce health insurance costs by up to 70%!

Feel free to use our tool to optimize your health insurance deductible.

4) Subsidies:

In the event of low income, you have the possibility of applying to your cantonal institution in order to benefit from financial aid from the State.

5) Other tips:

In all, we have listed no less than 10 tips to save on your health insurance. Consult them in detail to reduce your health costs!

Now is the time to act and save! Consult without delay our comparison of health insurance premiums 2023.

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