Save up to 136 euros a year with the right choice of credit card


Girocard in Germany, credit card when travelling? This division is no longer quite as clear as it used to be. Because if the credit card is completely free of charge, you can also pull it out at the supermarket around the corner. Especially with some debit cards, this works without any problems. How exactly they work and which free credit card takes first place in the financial test can be found here!

Debit, charge, prepaid: There are these types of credit cards

The different types of credit cards differ in the way transactions are settled:

  • debit card: When withdrawing money and paying, the linked current account is debited on the same day. Strictly speaking, it’s not a real credit card. As a result, the card may not be accepted by some service providers, particularly car rental companies outside of Europe.
  • Charge-Card: Once a month, the bank issues a total invoice for all sales and draws the amount from the current account by direct debit. The customer thus has a short-term interest-free loan.
  • Credit-Card: More and more credit cards have the option of partial payment, in which the credit card statement is converted into an installment: only a certain percentage of the monthly sales is collected. The rest continues as a loan with high annual interest charges of around 9 to 20 percent until the customer transfers the missing invoice amount (revolving credit). In most cases, partial payment can be deselected. Otherwise, users should balance their expenses on time to avoid high interest rates. If you use your card all the time, you run the risk of accumulating a considerable mountain of debt over the long term.
  • Prepaid cards: Users must load the card with money before paying. You can only spend as much as you have deposited. The cards are available without a credit check. The amount will be deducted from the balance immediately after payment.

Credit card costs: payment, withdrawing money and basic fees in comparison

Finanztest reviewed 28 major credit cards, 21 with no account affiliation and 7 with a free checking account available nationwide. Their entire area of ​​application was examined: payments at home and abroad, cash withdrawals as well as the annual fee and costs for partner cards.

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The result shows that bank customers should not take their bank’s credit card without checking it. At 25 to 40 euros a year, there are cheaper alternatives. The annual fee is only sometimes partially or completely waived for offers from the house bank – with a given total turnover.

According to the study, six cards are recommended and do not cost a basic fee. They also incur no further or only low costs for use when shopping, whether online or in the shop. If you choose such a card, you can save 136 euros a year compared to the most expensive card in the American Express test.

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This is the best free credit card

With a checking account is the DKB Visa debit card completely free of charge for DKB customers with a monthly incoming payment of 700 euros or more on the account. The following cards can also be used free of charge if the preset partial payment is switched to full invoice settlement – otherwise high interest would be incurred: Genialcard and Awa7 (Hanseatic Bank), Germany Credit Card Classic (Paysol) and the Barclays Visa card.

Without a checking account is the Visa World Card von ICS cheap: domestic ATM withdrawal costs 4 percent of the amount; at least 5 euros, no basic fee. By the way: Payments made with the credit card can usually be reversed within 120 days. For example, if the other party has not rendered any services. (xwi / rka)

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