September 1, the sky will be "stuffed" with asteroids. An alien dome will help humanity survive.

“A belt of asteroids has already hung over the Earth. Cosmic stones seemed to “stuffed” the orbit around the planet. The trajectory of their movement is aimed exactly at humanity. However, we are saved from Judgment Day! Even the largest asteroids will not be able to break through the protective dome above the Earth, ”said representatives of the Cosmopoisk research center of the Russian Federation.

Rocket collided with an alien dome

Experts came to such conclusions after watching a unique video material. The frames clearly show that the earthly ship cannot "break through" the upper layers of the atmosphere. An unknown barrier repels the device, due to which it returns. Experts said that such anomalies are observed in every corner of the planet: rockets cannot enter outer space.

Researchers believe that aliens have shielded the Earth from the flow of asteroids. On September 1, stones “smell” the atmosphere with their destructive blow. Without alien protection, a hail of cosmic bodies would turn a planet into a mess. First, the Moon would explode, the fragments of which delivered the first blow to humanity. A destructive wave would accelerate the collision of stones with the Earth: it took only a couple of hours to displace the planet from orbit. There was no chance of salvation.

However, scientists deny the existence of aliens, and even more so the coming Judgment Day. They note that the excitement from around the end of the world on September 1 is observed every year, but still the prophecies have never come true. Experts advise not to create panic, but instead prepare for the new school year.



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