Savings Bonds “Saving Permsuk” with a maximum interest of 3.60%, starting to sell on June 13

2. Happy Savings Edition (Sold through the bank) Total amount of 45,000 million baht sold to the public and non-profit juristic persons designated by the Ministry of Finance through 4 dealer banks, including 4 banks, namely Krung Thai Bank Bangkok Bank Kasikorn Bank and Siam Commercial Bank Invest from 1,000 baht, divided into 2 periods as follows:

Phase 1 (15-19 June 2022) with a limit of 40,000 million baht, available for sale to the general public. which can be purchased not more than 10 million baht, sold in 2 models, namely

– 5-year-old model with a laddered interest rate of 2.90% per annum

– 10-year-old model with an average rate of 3.60% per year, payable every 3 months, interested parties can purchase through Counter Internet Banking and Mobile Banking of all 4 dealer banks.

The second period (20-30 June 2022) is sold to the public and non-profit juristic persons as specified by the Ministry of Finance. Unlimited purchase limit by selling to

– People in the balance from the 1st period with the same age and condition

– Sold to a non-profit juristic person, with a limit of 5,000 million baht, a 10-year model, with an average rate of 3.30% per year, with interest paid every 6 months. has added a condominium juristic person and the housing estate juristic person is also eligible to purchase It will consider being a person who has the right to buy from the juristic person’s regulations registered with the Land Department or the district office. and other documents related

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