Savona, the restaurateur Bacchus found dead after three days of research

After three days of searching, the body of the well-known restaurateur Francesco “Bacco” Doberti was found lifeless at the Zinola car port. They found him a few hundred meters from his home in via Nostra Signora del Monte. The body of Francesco Doberti, the restaurateur known by everyone in Savona as the host Bacchus, was found by a truck driver in the bushes of a flowerbed in the parking area of ​​heavy vehicles. A green area from which you can see the windows of the house where he lived with his partner. An area that Bacchus was able to reach comfortably on foot, along a short downhill stretch of road, without the need to use the motorbike he had left under the house.

After the appeal launched by the children on Facebook, one of the reports arrived, placed the restaurateur right near the Zinola motorway exit. Perhaps after a few minutes he was struck by the illness that struck him. Only the autopsy will be able to establish the causes of death, given that the discovery took place only this evening and the investigations of the police are still in progress.

The disappearance of Bacchus caused great uproar in the city. The man had left the house on Tuesday morning saying he was going to work and since then he had been lost. Only Wednesday, however, the children were really worried by launching the appeal on social media and then presenting the complaint to the police.

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