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FLEISCHER, Henricus Orthobius
1831 : Catalogus codicum manuscriptorum orientalium Bibliothecae Regiae Dresdensis HOF – In addition to Frédéric Adolph Ebert, courtier counselor, Saxon and prefect of the Royal Library of Dresden, Lipsiae, Fr. Ch. Vogel. Photomechanical reprinting, Osnabrück, 1988, pp. 71, 85.

2 manuscripts (see Zanutto, 1932, p. 52).

- TISCHENDORF (von), Lobegott Constantin
1847 : “The Manuscripta Tischendorfiana in the University Library of Leipzig”, Serapeum. Journal of Library Science, Manuscript Customer and Older Literature, pp. 73-74

describes three manuscripts including two from Dresden.

- SCHODDE, George Henry
1876 : «Description of an Ethiopian manuscript of the royal. Library of Dresden », Journal of the German Oriental Society, 30, pp. 297-301.

- SIX, Veronika
1994 : VOHD XX, 6, pp. 207-215

describes 4 manuscripts with their current number, one of which – to be classified as “Ludolf documents” – was already described in Fleischer’s catalog.

For illuminations and decorative elements, see also:

1968 : VOHD XV, pp. 191, 202

See especially pp. 70-85 for the description of the many illuminations of a Life of Saint Wälättä Pétros from the XVIIIe century. This exceptional manuscript had already been described by G.-H. Schodde in 1876