Say no to quotas. Ask the SEP to denounce this illegal practice

The SEP affirmed that it will not allow entry to public education to be conditioned on the payment of fees, the Secretary of Public Education, Esteban Moctezuma, called on the population to denounce this practice.

“There are 235 thousand schools, if in any school someone is misusing the position they have (…) give us very precise information about which school is, who is the person, the public servant, who is asking, what is requesting, so that it can proceed ”.

Esteban Moctezuma, SEP.

Enrique Quiroz Acosta, head of the SEP Legal Affairs and Transparency Unit, stated that for no reason the Mexican State can allow them to be established fees or any type of contribution to condition education that is of a public nature.

In addition to the quotas, at a press conference at the National Palace, it was reported that the Enrollment and re-enrollment process in Higher Secondary Education will be from August 25 to 28.

“That week we already have results of the qualifications of the boys who are the most behind, we can close the registration. Currently we already have 80% of the students who are already registered ”.

Juan Pablo Arroyo, Undersecretary of Higher Secondary Education

In addition, it was detailed how the Comipems placement exam will be, which will be held on August 15, 16, 22, 23.

It will be done on two weekends instead of one, there will be more venues, the groups will be 25 students. More open areas such as gyms will be used.

  • All applicants must bring a mask and mask; there will be temperature measurement and antibacterial gel.

In addition, elements of the police of Mexico City and the State of Mexico will support this work.


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