SBB orders € 2 billion from Stadler Rail

Stadler Rail will deliver 286 new trainsets to SBB and two of their subsidiaries for regional traffic. The manufacturer of Bussnang (TG) won over the French Alstom and the German Siemens in the competition. The contract is for 2 billion francs.

The first trains will enter service in 2026 in eastern Switzerland and Valais. Central Switzerland will follow in 2028 and the rest of Switzerland by 2034. ‘We have ordered a large quantity of the same material to ensure material compatibility’, CFF general manager Vincent Ducrot said in front of the press.

With their Thurbo subsidiaries in eastern Switzerland and Regionalps in Valais, SBB is acquiring 286 new single-deck self-propelled trainsets from the Thurgovian manufacturer. The new trains will mainly replace S-Bahns.

Mobile reception

The new trains will bring many improvements. They will provide more space for bicycles, strollers and bulky luggage. In addition, they will allow good reception for mobile telephony. All their compartments will be equipped with electrical outlets. Each composition will offer two places for people in wheelchairs, as well as toilets.

These new trains also benefit from better motorization, a guarantee of punctuality. The new train will have to be approved for Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

This investment is an important signal for regional transport, explained Vincent Ducrot. “The new trains are designed on proven techniques,” he said.

Good news for Staldler

Originally, the call for tenders was for 194 trains. Their number was increased to 286 when the railway companies fixed their area of ​​operation definitively, in agreement with the Confederation and the cantons. This is the only way to replace all the trains intended to be reformed at the end of their useful life.

At SBB, the new vehicles will replace first-generation Domino and FLIRT trainsets as well as shuttle trains pulled by a locomotive. At Thurbo, they will take the place of articulated railcars and at RegionAlps, they will succeed the Domino and NINA trainsets.

There are 155 trainsets at CFF, 107 at Thurbo and 24 at RegionAlps. The three companies have ordered 224 additional trains as an option. Stadler Rail’s FLIRT train is suitable for both local and long distance traffic. The manufacturer has sold this model over 2,500 times in 20 countries to date.

This contract is good news for Stadler Rail. Last month, the company lost a € 3 billion contract in Austria due to a formal problem with an unrecognized digital signature in that country.