Thursday, June 20, 2019
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"Sberbank" made a crazy act, from which people cry

The largest and most famous bank in Russia is Sberbank, whose services are used by more than 85 million people. By the end of 2020, this organization will have more than 11 thousand of its branches in various regions of the Russian Federation. It would seem that this bank should do only good things so that positive things would be said about it, but this happens quite rarely. Usually, users and journalists publish only negative, but this is not some invented facts, but a real state of affairs.

Today, November 20, 2018, the head of the Sberbank credit organization, German Gref, provided information that many considered to be an insane act, because many people now simply cry from him. In particular, according to official data, over the past few years, thanks to the introduction of artificial intelligence, the bank has reduced about 70% of middle managers, and every day they continue to become less and less.

Of course, it is beneficial for the bank to reduce staff, but only thousands of laid-off employees can no longer find a job, which makes them cry, because in Russia the crisis is more expensive, and getting a decent job is more difficult than ever before. Information about the massive reduction of employees of medium color was announced at the conference Sberbank Data Science Day. According to the representative of the board of the bank, employees who perform simple operations are subject to dismissal.

At the end of the speech, the head of the financial institution Sberbank announced that many short middle managers had undergone retraining, as a result of which they began to perform some other tasks. Given that the number of laid-off employees is not disclosed, there is every reason to believe that thousands of people from different regions of Russia have lost their jobs. Considering that the state bank will increase the use of AI in the future, in the near future many more people working in the largest bank in the country may lose their jobs.

Earlier it was found out that Sberbank in 2019 would change the interest rate on all loans.

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