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Sberbank on February 13 changed the rules for crediting money to bank cards

Now there are more than four hundred banks in Russia, which on a daily basis introduce various kinds of innovations, but all of them are aimed primarily at improving the quality of branded services and, moreover, of providing favorable terms of service. Let the leader in the field of finance in the country and is "Sberbank", but it still changes for the better as much as possible. Today, February 13, 2019, this credit institution changed the rules for crediting money to bank cards, and of course it is important to know about this.

It was always possible to replenish a bank card of a financial institution Sberbank in three ways. The first is the most difficult – you need to go to the office, after which, standing in a queue, contact the cashier and ask them to issue the necessary amount. The second method is significantly easier – just insert the card into the ATM, then put all the necessary funds with it, transferring them from cashless to cash. There is also another method that involves transferring funds from an electronic wallet or from another card.

However, now on the territory of all of Russia there are new rules for crediting money to bank cards, and they are extremely interesting for many customers. From now on, Sberbank can replenish non-cash accounts of financial services at Svyaznoy sales outlets. To do this, you need to ask the employee to transfer the required amount of money to his or someone else's card, which he will kindly do. In this case, you will have to pay a commission in the amount of 1.5% of the amount, but not less than 50 rubles and not more than 1,000 rubles.

The maximum amount of one operation is 100,000 rubles, but there are an unlimited amount of such operations that can be done You can send money to the client of the financial institution "Sberbank" by the number of its bank card, or by the phone number that is attached to it. Full funds are credited instantly, and the sender pays a 1.5% commission. Such an innovation can be useful in case you need to urgently transfer money from a cash type to a cashless one, but there is no possibility to go to a branch or to an ATM.

Earlier, most recently, Sberbank reported on the future disappearance of cash in Russia.

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