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Scales today are prone to intellectual conversations, and in Scorpio a financier will wake up. Horoscope for September 16

Astrological forecast for September 16, 2018

 In conversations, Aries today can often show absent-mindedness or lose the thread of conversation, and all because of the interlocutors will make him miss. Ordinary everyday topics or secular gossip were nagging, but a truly intelligent interlocutor must be found. Stars of a horoscope advise Aries to get out today somewhere, where he has a chance to meet and talk with interesting, knowledgeable people. This conversation is necessary today for Aries, as a breath of fresh air.

 Even if Taurus does not like too much intellectual discussion, today he can make an exception to the rules. And the hotter the dispute, the better. Ideally, Taurus would like to meet with the enemy, with whom his points of view are completely opposite, and if not – he is ready to provoke the interlocutor to a dispute. Today's goal of this is simple: Taurus is so confident in his intellectual superiority that he does not mind demonstrating it to everyone around.

 Twins, solving any issue, today will look like a centipede, which was asked from what leg it starts to go. Just like the centipede, lost in thought, entangled in the limbs, so the Gemini risks getting lost in the maze of their own thoughts. The concepts of "thinking" and "complicating" are at different poles, and the first is always useful, but the second Gemini is ready to demonstrate today in all its glory, causing discontent of others.

 Today, the horoscope stars advise Raku to listen carefully to what is happening around: those around will say important things. The day gives Cancer a chance to gather information on some issue, to hear valuable advice or an excellent idea. In the future, all this can be useful to him, so today Raku should not distract the attention of others around him. On the contrary, be careful: learn, listen, remember.

 If Leo today wants to impress others, then his main trump card should be intellect. It does not matter what kind of interlocutor we are talking about, the boss, the beloved person, the random fellow traveler or the best friend: today, in any circles, topics far from social chatter will be in demand. Politics, economics, philosophy, mathematics – any science that will help the Lion to flash with the mind, it is recommended that it be urgently refreshed in memory, remembering the school years.

 Today, the Virgin will be inclined to abuse his relatives, forcing them to engage in the improvement of personal space: kitchen, dacha or office. There is nothing to be done – it will come to her head a lot of brilliant ideas on this subject, which will require their embodiment. As for small projects, such as general cleaning or buying household items, this is not a problem. The main thing is that the Virgin does not hastily start a major rearrangement of furniture or even repair

 All of Libra's energy is at risk today to go into conversation, revealing to them the secrets of the universe. Day inclines them to intellectual conversations on the most serious and abstract topics, such as human psyche, spiritual development, secrets of the universe, the origin of the snowman. Perhaps, Libra will meet people today, with whom they can talk on these topics. The main thing, twisted in the clouds, do not lose ground under your feet.

 Today, a financier will wake up in Scorpio. His brain will work clearly, juggling with numbers and facts. If Scorpio devotes this day to thoughts on how to improve his material situation, he will produce an excellent plan that will help him to make good money. However, no less effective projects will be how Scorpio create an atmosphere of comfort around himself. Planning a vacation, repair, any major purchases today will help Scorpio not to lose.

 Sagittarius today in all spheres of life, including in communication, will rely on logic, not feelings. Instead of guessing what is going on in the souls of people, he will want to know this precisely with the help of conversations or even questions on the forehead. However, Sagittarius himself will not conceal his thoughts and intentions from others, explaining in detail what he wants. Today, such practice will prove effective: Sagittarius will be accompanied by success.

 Capricorn will gladly feel like a cog in someone else's mechanism – if only this mechanism is well-established and does not creak. He will be able to work perfectly in a team or under someone's head, the main thing is that Capricorn clearly knew what he is doing and for what. Only after understanding to the end the logic of the process and its role in it, Capricorn will be ready to implement what is conceived by others. Well, if others do not find it necessary to dedicate Capricorn in all the details, it's worse for them – they'll have to do everything themselves.

 Today, the horoscope stars advise Aquarius to focus on creating intellectual ties with people. Initially, any communication is based on the principle of sympathy and antipathy, but for deeper relationships, only sympathy is not enough, it is necessary to find common themes and interests. It is to such an "advanced" communication in the realm of logic, and not of feelings, that the day inclines Aquarius today, urging him to withdraw his relations with someone to a qualitatively new level.

 Today, the Pisces are able to neatly lay out everything in their lives on the shelves. Spontaneity is not always good, most often the key to a successful business is a plan that takes into account the smallest details. It is to the construction of such plans that the stars of the horoscope are inclined by Pisces, according to the saying "Seven times measure". It does not matter what is at stake – a major event in their life, diet, holiday or party. Having planned today any action in advance, the Pisces will doom it to success.

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