Scam about Dexit Finanzen ( Payout experience? Money back?

I am currently representing a client against the apparently fraudulent broker Dexit Finance ( No money was paid back to my client, but the payment was delayed with flimsy reasons given and ultimately refused.

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  1. Dexit Finance ( apparently a scam.
  2. Payment is promised but not carried out.
  3. Sudden loss of contact with the “brokers”.
  4. Never transfer any more money.

Real experiences with Dexit Finanzen (! Money back possible?

In July 2022, my client was introduced to the company via an advertisement for investment opportunities Dexit Finance ( attentive. The supposed employee, Ms. Sarah Williams, then contacted my clients by telephone and informed them about the investment opportunities.

In addition, Ms. Williams informed my client of the bank details on which my client Payment of EUR 249.00 should transfer for the account opening. My clients also complied with this request (these “small deposits” are common with the fraudulent online brokers that are currently rampant).

After successful payment of the required amount and the associated account opening of the personal trading account on Dexit Finanzen, the supposed brokersMr. Lucas Adam Schneider, my client, to discuss how to proceed.

In the course of working with the suspects, the supposed assets of my client grew Deposit of EUR 249.00 to over EUR 1,000.00. The broker took this as an opportunity to discuss further investments with my clients, with the promise that higher investments would also result in higher profits.

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Depositing money was easy, but what about withdrawing money from Dexit Finance?

This argument seemed logical to my clients and the previous development of the supposed credit and the cooperation with the supposed broker did not leave my clients in doubt at this point in time whether it was Dexit Finance ( is a reputable provider (typical for a broker scam, see broker blacklist).

On August 8th, 2022, my client agreed to an investment of EUR 3,000.00. Mr. Schneider used the Software „AnyDesk“ to support my clients with the deposits. The supposed broker instructed my clients to deposit the agreed amount by bank transfer to the personal trading account at, with the deposited balance the cryptocurrency Purchase Bitcoin (BTC) and then transfer it to an external wallet. This process should serve as a deposit method to the trading account at Dexit Finance.

After my client’s successful payment, Mr. Schneider stated that my client’s trading account on Dexit Finanzen was one credit credited to have “to increase the trading amount”. My clients then agreed to make another investment of EUR 3,000.00.

Scam about Dexit Finance ran its course! Client is now defending himself legally!

The payment was transferred via the already tested deposit method. Mr. Schneider said he was now trading “with leverage of 200,” which appeared to significantly inflate the perceived gains. Within three weeks of “trading” that went up supposed credit my client on the trading account at Dexit Finanzen ( to around EUR 470,000.00.

This positive development prompted my clientele to payout of the total amount of $476,768.70. The payment was again carried out in cooperation with Mr. Schneider via AnyDesk. My clients then received an alleged proof of payment (see also broker does not pay out).

Immediately after requesting the withdrawal, one contacted alleged support employee the “Blockchain”, Ms. Anna Lewis, my client. Ms. Lewis informed that my client’s trading account was temporarily blocked because a “proof of liquidity” of 1.33 BTC (30,698.77 EUR) had to be provided for a successful payout.

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My client refused this request for payment. As a result, the supposed profits and the investments made were not paid out.

Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Scam – Money Back Possible?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are currently being increasingly used for investment fraud. The criminals are cunning. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies either not acquired or against the will of the owner are transferred to seemingly anonymous wallets (such as Dexit Finance).

Investment fraud is about ultimately financial assets. The assets also include Bitcoin and Co. The idea that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies “anonymous” and thereby enable financial fraud, holds up bravely. However, this is only partially correct.

All reputable crypto exchanges verify their users. An anonymous sale of cryptocurrencies is therefore not easily possible, so that Dexit Finanzen, for example, would have considerable problems with so-called “cashing out”. authorities can Blockchain Transactions to the second pursue. In the case of investment fraud, this means that the perpetrators sell their stolen crypto assets don’t just “disappear” can, as most people imagine.

BKA publishes report on cybercrime

Inexperienced investors have been increasingly harmed in recent years. That BKA estimates the annual Damage to several million euros.
Law enforcement agencies are improving their investigative methods to catch criminals.

In his Cybercrime Status Report 2021 the BKA reports a clear-up rate of 30 percent, which is high for online fraud. Criminals use the internet to remain anonymous. Foreign scammers make prosecution difficult. But the investigators are also successful in internationally networked fraud.

Die Austrian Federal Police reports on investment fraud and arrests. Targeted investigations have helped the Austrian law enforcement authorities money laundering and Broker Scamto fight. All of this is possible when fraud victims come forward quickly and take legal action. Even the best investigators cannot act differently.

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Get a free initial assessment of Dexit Finanzen (!

If you find yourself in the experiences described above, I can help you against Dexit Finanzen. It is important that you break off contact with the alleged brokers and do not get involved in further “deals” or promises.

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  1. Be sure to avoid online banking and crypto exchange accounts from unauthorized access by the perpetrators behind Dexit Finance.
  2. Under no circumstances accept or believe genuine-looking but ultimately forged documents “from the blockchain”.
  3. You should not make any further deposits – be it with money or cryptocurrencies.