Scam about GMPortal ( Payout experience? Money back?

If you at the provider GMPortal ( If no money is currently being paid back, you are not alone with this experience. One of my clients recently hired me to take legal action against GMPortal. Because there was no payment, so that a fraud must be assumed. Even BaFin is now warning of this provider.

Important: About the site

Affected persons who have fallen for a fraudulent broker can obtain non-binding information. The current scams of dubious trading platforms are addressed and shown. Cryptocurrencies are often involved in trading scams.

You can use the contact form on the page linked above to free initial assessment request. For this I only need the information about when you invested at GMPortal ( and why (allegedly) no payout is possible.

  1. Refrain from further transfers to GMPortal.
  2. It cannot be ruled out that this is a scam.
  3. Beware of fake documents that appear authentic and ask you to make further deposits.
  4. Never respond to ominous proof of liquidity, tax payments, fees or mirror transactions.

Real experiences with GMPortal (! Fraud because no payout comes?

In June 2022, my client was introduced to the company via an advertisement for investment opportunities „GMPortal” (, also called GM Portal) carefully. After reviewing a supposedly serious report, my client decided to make a deposit of EUR 251.00. Shortly thereafter, a supposed employee contacted my client by telephone.

Since my clientele at the beginning skeptical and had many questions, the supposed broker, Mr. “Christian Stein”, was called in very quickly and took over the communication with my clients for the entire time (that’s how many go Broker Fraudssee detailed fraudulent online brokers).

In order to win the trust of my clients, Mr. Stein offered two small ones after a short time Payouts over 32.00 EUR and 39.00 EUR so my clients can familiarize themselves with the payout process. After about two weeks of lively communication, assistance and test payouts, Mr. Stein recommended my client a first, “real” investment. Mr. Stein spoke of a “unique opportunity in the crypto market”, with “stop loss” and “take profit” methods, which would make a profit in “9 out of 10 cases”.

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Money back from GMPortal / GM Portal ( possible? Lawyer reported!

My clients trusted the supposed broker and invested EUR 7,500.00 on June 28, 2022. These were sent by bank transfer to the personal trading account at deposited. There, my clients – at the behest of the suspects – purchased the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) with the credit and transferred the entire amount to an external wallet belonging to the suspects.

To demonstrate to my clientele what opportunities “higher investments” and the use of “products with leverage”, my client’s trading account on GMPortal / GM Portal ( was credited with a supposed bonus of EUR 5,000.00.

On July 7th, 2022, my client was asked to Payment of EUR 17,500.00 to get the “silver status” for the trading account on GMPortal ( (usual procedure of fraudulent brokers, see also black list brokers).

Although my clients explained to the alleged broker, Mr. Stein, that the investment could not be made, Mr. Stein continued to urge my clients to make a payment, since “otherwise it makes no sense in the long run” and my clients only want the money “for three to… four days” had to pay in. The money would be paid out again on July 11, 2022. Of the „Silberstatus“ my clients would still be safe, since the EUR 25,000.00 required for this was exceeded.

How the scam about GMPortal / GM Portal continued!

My clients were still skeptical and demanded written confirmation from the suspects. In the end, the suspects cleared my client’s doubts. My clients did that Payment of the required EUR 17,500.00 via the previously practiced payment method. After the payment, my client was credited with a supposed bonus of EUR 7,500.00 on the trading account on GMPortal (

When my clients wanted to have the temporarily deposited EUR 17,500.00 paid out on July 11, 2022, Mr. Stein recommended one to my clients Payment of 27,000.00 EUR“to see that everything is okay” and my clients “can get the credit at any time”.

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My clients agreed and Mr. Stein said that “Blockchain” would get in touch about the payout, but my clients “don’t have to worry”. “Blockchain” contacted my clients a few days later and requested a “Proof of Liquidity“ in the amount of EUR 23,400.00 (typical course of fraud, see broker does not pay out).

After payment of this proof, the sum would be paid out together with the supposed credit. after the Payment deadline expired was, the claim increased to EUR 27,000.00. My client refused such a payment. My client received letters from the supposed company “Blockchain” dated 02.08. and 08/18/2022. There has not been a payment to my clients since then.

BKA publishes report on cybercrime

Inexperienced investors have been increasingly harmed in recent years. That BKA estimates the annual Damage to several million euros.
Law enforcement agencies are improving their investigative methods to catch criminals like the operators of GMPortal / GM Portal.

In his Cybercrime Status Report 2021 the BKA reports a clear-up rate of 30 percent, which is high for online fraud. Criminals use the internet to remain anonymous. Foreign scammers make prosecution difficult. But the investigators are also successful in internationally networked fraud.

Die Austrian Federal Police reports on investment fraud and arrests. Targeted investigations have helped the Austrian law enforcement authorities money laundering and Broker Scamto fight. All of this is possible when fraud victims come forward quickly and take legal action. Even the best investigators cannot act differently.

Get a free initial assessment of your problem with GMPortal!

If you find yourself in the above description of the case and the experiences, you can report your fraud incident to me without obligation. You will then promptly receive concrete feedback from a specialized lawyer.

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Please let me know about this via the website

some information with: when did you invest in GMPortal ( Why is no money returned? Are you being forced to deposit more money than planned? Are you even threatened?

You will receive one from me immediately free initial assessment and a proposal for a possible course of action against GM Portal. If desired, all necessary legal steps against the fraudulent broker can be initiated promptly.

  1. The aim is to get money back from GMPortal / GM Portal.
  2. Initiate perpetrator and property prosecution.
  3. No further payments to the dubious trading platform.
  4. Respond quickly as the perpetrators are likely already “on the verge” of disappearing with the fraud victims’ illegally obtained assets.