Scandal about the “Dream Castle”: Violent accusations against the married couple

Violent accusations against the married couple Dick and Angel Strawbridge from the TV program “Drømmeslottet” are now causing an English TV channel to take action.

The British couple Dick and Angel have for a number of years entertained the viewers in the TV program “Drømmeslottet”, which is broadcast on NRK.

But fierce accusations against the couple have now prompted an English TV station to remove their programs from the screen, according to Deadline.

The TV station Channel 4 has now stopped cooperation with the married couple in the TV program which follows their journey to refurbish an old castle in France.

The couple are guilty

The TV channel has been broadcasting the program since 2015, but now Two Rivers Media has expressed concern about the couple’s behaviour.

An external investigation has examined their behavior and there are indications that they have been guilty of both bad behavior and bullying.

– As a consequence of the investigation, we have decided that we will not collaborate with Dick and Angel on new programs in the future, says a spokesperson about the matter.

The behavior has, among other things, affected the producers of the series, while several have withdrawn from production.

Therefore, the Dick and Angel series, which was already under the same accusations back in 2021, is now a thing of the past.

At the time, both they and Channel 4 denied that it had anything to do with the case, but last year they chose to stop the TV programme.

Will continue with TV

The last season of the program can currently be seen on NRK TV, but the couple have revealed that they will continue to make TV.

They are going to start recording a new program for Channel 4 with the title “Dream Castle: The Secret of France”.

However, it is uncertain whether the new program series will be broadcast on TV. The channel has so far tried to get a comment from the couple’s spokesperson, but without success.

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2023-05-31 11:07:29