Scandal. Iliana Raeva jumped on a journalist because of Lily – Curious

Iliana Raeva defended Lili Ivanova after the last concert of the pop prima in Plovdiv provoked mixed reactions.

“Lily Ivanova – an untouchable fortress!”, Raeva was categorical, describing the singer of “Winds” as “the greatest in her field.”

“Honestly, I wasn’t even impressed in the first two days. I am so accustomed to malice and simplicity in our latitudes that it is no surprise.

Well, I was annoyed that the woman who made me numb hundreds of times with delight was the target, but when I realized that a journalist was the “capacity” he decided to reap “glory” on the back of the biggest, things fell into place. .

I immediately remembered what a football journalist had told me many years ago: “When a young journalist came to study with me, I told him: ‘Spit on Sirakov if you want to become a famous journalist!’ Some of his students still observe him.