Scandal! Jimmy Zámbó’s brother is freaked out: “Stop discrediting my younger brother!”

Jimmy had an amazing voice, and the lyrics of his songs warmed the hearts of millions or drove mercilessly rusty nails into them. The personality of the singer was the cult itself, in Hungary in the nineties he was the star, the celebrity, literally the king. He was surrounded by such hysterical worship as, say, Diego Maradona in Argentina.

Jimmy enjoyed amazing popularity Photo: YouTube

If he went into a shop, the salesmen would not accept money from him, he wanted to buy anything, he got free petrol at gas stations, the women they lay at his feet, the concert venues competed for him to take the stage. Jimmy was a special person, who had a short but all the more adventurous life, and whose death also fit perfectly into the series of unusual events that happened to him: he was killed by a weapon, which, according to the official version, was in his own hand.

Zambo Jimmy
The circumstances of Jimmy’s death still concern fans to this day. Photo: MTI

What happened on that tragic day of January 2, 2001 will never be revealed, nor will we ever know how accurately the events shown in the series about him reflect what happened in reality. One can only guess that friends and colleagues who knew the star well told the stories exactly as they happened, and the producers had a very rich image and sound archive at their disposal, from which they were able to create Jimmy and his story very accurately.

These stories are not always kind, just as the singer’s personality was not always. Why would it be? He wasn’t perfect eithereven though his fans saw it in vain and his brothers, who were deeply outraged when it turned out that a series was made about the life of the deceased singer, wanted to see it this way afterwards.

Marietta Zámbó, György, Tihamér, Árpy
Jimmy’s brothers are very upset Photo: family archive

Namely Marietta, Árpy, Tihamér and György he did not know about the creationof course they also voiced this.

I’ll be honest, I have a grudge in me, in fact, in us. According to them, our mother and us, the siblings, were completely left out of the preparations, but they didn’t even mention that there would be a ten-part series at all. I am waiting for an explanation of how this could have happened

– said Árpy Zámbó to Blikk, who is not alone in being outraged. The other day, Tihamér Zámbó attacked Jimmy’s former friend, manager and record label, István Joós, the CEO of the Magneoton music label. after the respected and well-known music professional gave a long interview regarding the Jimmy series.

István Joós Jimmy Zámbó
István Joós was Jimmy’s record label and good friend Photo: YouTube

Among other things, Joós said that Jimmy struggled with a huge compulsion to conform, always fighting with himself, and he paid so much attention to his appearance that it would have been impossible to shoot The King just like that, secretly behind his back.

Joós Tihamér commented on this on his Facebook page:

“Hi Pisty! In view of our very old acquaintance /eg Tavasz bar/ Please stop discrediting my brother’s nimbus for no reason! Thank you, Tihi.”

The head of the record label did not respond to this either publicly or personally, according to the news he does not want to come into conflict with the Zamboswhom he respects a lot.

It was to be expected that the brothers would freak out when they saw the series, as a lot of painful old memories would come flooding back to them.

– a close friend of the family told our newspaper, who continued:

In addition, the family saw a completely different face to Jimmy than his colleagues and friends. What happens in the series is exactly how it happened in reality, it is understandable that the singer’s brothers do not always like this. That’s the truth. Jimmy was the one with his faults, I think it’s unnecessary to canonize him.

We sought István Joós in the case, but he did not want to comment, and Tihamér Zámbó did not respond to our inquiries.