Scandal! They insulted Jimmy’s memory with Azariah’s song

Jimmy Zámbó died 22 years ago, but to this day it has a huge cult following. At the beginning of the year, they even made a ten-part series about his life, which caused quite a stir in the family. Earlier Jimmy’s sister Marietta even threatened the makers with a lawsuit and the streaming service because they did not feel worthy of the way their mother and younger brother were portrayed in the film.

Our mother was a lady all her life and never smoked or ate chicken legs in soup. He raised five children with decency and honor, all of whom he taught. They portrayed him as if he was some kind of run-down, no-man’s-life prole, and that’s absurd! They will answer for that, I swear! I understand that it was not the intention of the creators to portray reality, but it was also not possible to portray a decent lady in every respect as they did with my mother

– he told Bors during his year Zambo Marietta.

Now a video is spreading on TikTok, in which one of Azahriah’s music was associated with the image material of an older concert recording of Jimmy, as if the King himself was singing the young singer’s hit. The strange video it won people over almost immediatelybecause in one day It has collected 21 thousand likes.

Many people commented on the video to give their opinion. Some people even wanted to include GwM in the story in order to poke fun at the rapper. But there were also people who he mentioned the two speakers at the same level.

Azi generation Jimmyje” captioned the video, and another user even added that if his family members see this creation, they will be upset.

Ripost contacted the family, but they did not want to add anything to the video.