Scares Anne Hathaway in “The Witches”, release new advance

Scares Anne Hathaway in “The Witches”, they release new advance | AFP

The name of the actress Anne Hathaway has been ringing for a few months since it was announced that the new movie “The Witches”, “the witches” in Latin America from Warner Bros, would be participating, recently a second trailer was published where “the witch form “without her human guise.

These images immediately went viral mostly because Anne Hathaway is characterized by being an extremely beautiful woman, some netizens mention that they will surely have some nightmares after seeing her.

The first trailer for the film was recently shared “The Witches“A remake of the 1990 film, this one that will surely become a success, especially because of the personalities that will appear in it, as well as the actress Anne Hathaway, it will also star Octavia Spencer, an icon of Hollywood cinema.

From the moment it was shared in the echo that this new film would star in, everyone went crazy, after they learned that the villain would be Anne Hathaway one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in all of Hollywood.

The film released on February 16, 1990 was based on the novel of the same name written by Roald Dahl.

Surely the plot from what we have seen will be quite similar to the first film, this one talks about the story of a woman and her grandson who confront some British witches in a kind of symposium where they all met in a hotel, where the older witch turns his grandson into a mouse upon discovering that he was spying on them.

The objective of the meeting is to give them a potion or each and every one of the witches so that they turn all the children of the world into little mice and thus get rid of them at last.

In that year the main protagonist was Anjélica Huston and although millions of users have admired this work, they allege that it has not received due recognition from the film industry since its premiere, because it is a work of art that marked the childhood of millions of youngsters who came to see her.

From what we have seen Anne Hathaway It is a bit different from the character that Anjélica Huston represented in 1990, because the transformation of the person to the elder witch, some think that it was extremely shocking in the first film because it was a costume where her entire physique changed completely in addition to her features and showed a disgusting being that instilled great fear in whoever saw it.

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As for this remake that is close to being released, the character of the older witch played by Anne Hathaway agrees that she is bald like all witches, however the only notable difference that we have appreciated is her mouth, as it is quite large with sharp teeth.

Although apparently this new change is not as shocking as in the first film, surely they expected some more surprises in the new film, for the moment Anne Hathaway has impressed her fans with the change of antagonism she has had in this project, the actress usually tends to represent sweet and cuddly characters.

Some Internet users have commented on their Instagram and Twitter accounts that the actress looks spectacular and imposing, these first images of her radical change probably give an entrance to a different world with which millions will surely be delighted.

So far it is believed that movie It will be released solely and exclusively on HBO, however certain rumors claim that they will reach some Mexican cinemas, we will have to wait for more news about it.

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