Culture Hollywood Star Scarlett Johansson gives up role in Transdrama for criticism Stand: 03:33 clock | Reading time: 2 minutes Scarlett Johansson has canceled her participation in a film in which she was supposed to play a transgender man Source: dpa-infocom GmbH The Hollywood actress was supposed to embody the transsexual head of a prostitution ring. On the other hand, criticism rose. The role should go to a transsexual actor. Now Johannsson takes consequences and explains himself. H Scarlett Johansson, an actor from the Olympics, looks like a film cast as a transgender man after sharp criticism. Her decision was announced by the actress on Friday Magazine “Out” especially for homosexual and bisexual people in the USA. From the film “Rub & Tug” she withdraws “in the light of recent ethical questions” about her occupation, wrote Johansson on. Just last week, the 33-year-old had announced that in the 1970s and ’80s Pittsburgh play Dante “Tex” embodied Gill – the head of a prostitution ring born Lois Jean Gill but identified as a man , Several transgender actors and their advocates took offense at Johansson’s appointment and demanded that the role go to one of their own. At first she countered with the statement that critics could turn to “representatives of Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto and Felicity Huffman”. These actors are cisgenders – people who identify with the gender assigned to them at birth. This applies to the vast majority of the population. also read In her latest statement, however, Johansson relented. “Our cultural understanding of transgender people is progressing and I have learned much from the community since I gave my first opinion on my occupation,” she wrote. She was now aware that she had been insensitive. She had “great admiration and love for the Transgemeinde.” She was grateful that the debate over their occupation has triggered a broader discussion on diversity and representation in the film. Johansson has already been criticized for her portrayal of a figure originally located in Asia in the 2017 movie “Ghost in the Shell” based on a Japanese manga. The director of the film, Rupert Sanders, is also to direct “Rub & Tug”. Whether the project will be implemented after Johansson’s exit is unclear.


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