X Factor singer Scarlett Lee has announced that she is engaged in a cemetery with her partner four years after her proposal.

The 21-year-old reality star, one of the three finalists who fought for the X Factor crown last month, announced her pleasing news with a sweet contribution on the social media.

She revealed how Nathan surprised her by falling to her knees beside the graves of her beloved grandparents, Benjamin and Daisy Brown.

"Omg! That's just happened !!" WERE RECEIVED !!!! " She wrote next to the cute snapshot.

Scarlett was shocked by Nathan's proposal

She covered her eyes in disbelief

Then happily accepted

Scarlett also showed the huge diamond engagement ring Nathan had suggested.

On the double band are two rows of sparkling diamonds surrounding a huge stone in the middle.

The place Nathan chose is something very special for Scarlett, who lost both grandparents a few years back.

"Omg, he knows how much I wanted my grandma and grandpa to be on my trip, but that made me the happiest girl in the world! We're engaged!" She wrote next to the picture.

The singer seemed stunned

She showed the huge diamond ring

Scarlett undertakes several trips each year to visit the resting place of her grandparents.

On Boxing Day, she shared pictures of her well-kept tombs and insistently wrote how much she had missed both.

"I miss you every year … but I felt very broken today, I do not know, why not," she said at the time.

"I do it because I miss you, but today it was hard to … hide it, go through my brain … I just miss you, what I really do … another year without you and there was something so egoistic about me this year and you wanted to be … after the year I needed you … but you were there, I know people who are losing people, and it's part of that Life because of you.

Scarlett and Nathan became engaged by the graves of their grandparents

"I love and miss you … but I will love and miss you until at the end of time I wish I had you under the tree this morning," she added.

Scarlett and Nathan are childhood lovers who came together more than four years ago.

He was present at every step of the way throughout their X Factor stint, encouraging them during the live shows, and accompanying them as they traveled across the UK to seek support.



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